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Impacts of the Cuban Revolution

             It all began when the army Sergeant Fulgencio Batista decided to seized power during the current presidential election. Sergeant Batista was eager to once again be president of Cuba. He had first been president during 1940-1944 and once again ran for president in 1952. Sergeant Batista was devastated when it came to his attention that he would definitely loose the election. Sergeant Batista and his followers took the situation into their own hands and made it their mission to seized power in Cuba before the elections. At this point the beginning of the Cuban revolution began. Of course due to the outbreak of Sergeant Batista and his men the elections were immediately cancelled. The citizens of Cuba could not believe the actions demonstrated by a former president and Sergeant. Sergeant Batista his power grab reminded the people of Cuba that even though they had been living for years in their confusing dysfunctional government that it was still a Democracy, which was better than no Democracy (GO USA!). Fortunately for the Cuban people there was one person willing to make a difference and get their country back, this person was Fidel Castro. Fidel Castro was astonished and upset with Sergeant Batista not only for trying to take over Cuba and make it his own, but also because Sergeant Batista ruined Castro's chances of being elected into Congress due to the cancelation of the 1952 elections. The effects of the Cuban Revolution controlled by Sergeant Batista and Fidel Castro lead to many political, social, and economic changes within the region of Cuba. .
             Not only were the actions of Sergeant Batista a country wide problem for Fidel Castro, it had become a personal problem where Castro made it his mission to end the rule of Sergeant Batista by any means necessary. .
             During the 1950's Cuba was by far the most highly developed country Latin America and around the world. Unfortunately Cuba was able to achieve these standards during the postwar period by artificially holding back their own economic growth and creating one of the worlds biggest corrupt political dictatorships.

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