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The Value of Valuing Life

            Valuing life is the most important thing you could ever do. Simple actions can be taken rather easily to live a life with happiness surrounding you 24/7. The key elements to valuing life are doing what you love, improving your community, and living mindfully. Doing what you love, keeps you striving to improve and become better than how you were the day before. Not giving up is what keeps your body, mind, and spirit running so you can get to be where you want to be. In a speech by Steve Jobs, "You've got to find what you love" he stated that he was fired from his own company, had enough money to live for the rest of his life workless, but he still admired what he did so he created another company which is still popular to this day. This shows how just by doing what you love can never stop you from being happier than you were the day before. Even though Steve Jobs was set for life, the only thing that could of made him happy was doing what he loved, so he did. .
             Older generations are preparing the newer generations for the world they're going to have to live in. In the documentary "Happy", the Okinawa elders bring the community together and socially unite the children. They do this be organizing group activities and events so the kids interact with each other and play as one. For example, in "Happy" all the children in the community have an organized foot race. They're trying to teach unity as the kids have fun together. Okinawa has been destroyed to pieces before but the people came together and rebuilt their city. They're all strangers but learned to live like a family and power up once again as if they've never fallen. This event particularly focuses on how you should help those that fall in your community, get up, keep moving forward, and continue to value life even when they're at their all time low. .
             Living mindfully makes you appreciate the present and allows you to value life the way everyone should.

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