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             Your values are part of who you are. Understand them, and you make your own choices. Fail to understand them, and others decide your life's course. Values are important because they allow us to live more peacefully with others and be better able to achieve whatever goals that we set for ourselves. We aren't born with values. We learn them from our parents, teachers, and friends. We also develop our values from the media, like television, movies, and the radio. There are certain values that most people believe to be particularly important. Some of them are respect, responsibility, love, honesty, cooperation, family, friendship. .
             First, my most important value would be family. Family will never judge and will love you no matter who you are. Before anything else comes my family. Family, to me, is like the backbone of life, they always have my back and vice versa. Most of my family lives far away, therefore every moment I spend with them is precious.
             Next, my second most important value would have to be happiness. Living in the United States of America everyone has the right to the pursuit of happiness. Why would anyone not want to be happy? If your happy you make the people around you happy. Happiness is very important to me because I was always taught to be happy with the things I have because somewhere, half way around the world, people lack basic needs that we take for granted. Also, usually when you are happy it means that all the other things around you are good, which is always a good thing.
             Last, my Third most important value is success. I believe that no matter what you choose to in life you should try your hardest to be as successful as you possibly can be in that field, whether its working as a CEO in some humongous company or working in the drive through at Berger king, set goals for yourself. Successful doesn't necessarily mean that you make a lot of money. I plan on being very successful when I grow up and I already have many goals set for myself.

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