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DNA and Genetic Engineering

            For decades scientist have divulged into the study of Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and the biological design which makes up living organism.  Throughout the years of research on DNA and genetic materials, scientist have advanced at such an alarming rate that scientist are able to genetically engineer and modify the endogenous gene of organisms in order to modify the organism. The field of genetic engineering has drastically evolved and now scientist are able to genetically engineer our food sources such as maize, to increase the yields, make it more nutritious and to make it drought- and disease-resistant. The initial glance into this field seems promising, but scientist within the field of genetic engineering has gone a step farther and started to develop ways to clone microorganism for food consumption, grow human organs, and conduct Therapeutic cloning to guarantee the sex of children. The scientific field of genetic engineering provides solutions to many of the world's problems, but it is also creating a variety of unknown social, biological, and ethical consequences that are particular to our present time.
              The advanced activities within the field of genetic engineering is breaking ground into areas that many people conceive to violate ethical, moral and religious values. In terms of religious ideology, many believe those genetic engineering "offends against the concept of God's creation" since scientist are modifying God's creation. (Bryant) Additionally, many theists claim that genetic engineering is the act of "playing God" and suggests "God was flawed". (Religious views on Genetic Modification and Engineering) The act of utilizing genetic engineering to modify the embryo to ensure the child has the parent's desired physical traits is construed as "playing God" and is an unnecessary use of scientific practices. Beside the religious concerns, many ethical issues arise with the field of genetic engineering.

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