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The Use of Sex in Teen Comedy Movies

            Sex and nudity is a concept that is not new to films and movies, especially in teenage romantic comedies or "coming of age" comedies. In these teen comedies, the ideas of sex and sexuality in teens is usually a main subject, and in the three examples I will be looking at, the ideas of teen sex and sexuality is almost over emphasized to a comedic level. The three movies I will be looking at are "American Pie" (1999), "Sex Drive" (2008), and "Van Wilder" (2002). "American Pie" is a teen comedy that follows four friends that are on a quest to lose their virginity by their prom, but first, the friends must endure many antics that confront them including picking up dates, learning how to have sex, and finally, completing their goals of having sex. The movie "Sex Drive" is a similar type of movie to "American Pie", in the fact that the main character wants to lose his virginity. As in "America Pie", in "Sex Drive" the main character is confronted with a series of unseen challenges that try and inhibit him from losing his virginity. The last film is "Van Wilder", a film again similar to "American Pie" and "Sex Drive", however the plot is told from the perspective of the Van Wilder, a multiple year college senior whose goal is to party in school for as long as he can until he meets a girl that has no interest in him at all. His goal is to be with this girl and will do anything to do so, even if it means cleaning up his act and trying to actually graduate. "American Pie", "Sex Drive" and "Van Wilder" look and portray teen sexuality by looking at virginity scripts, hyper-sexuality, gender scripts, and certain coding schemes.
             When looking at the social construction of teen sexuality in films and movies, there are similar concepts that are depicted throughout each movie.

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