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Chasing Amy

            Chasing Amy is a movie that uncovers the hardships we find within the confusion of love and sex in our lives. Sometimes the line between love and sex seems almost invisible, but the differences and complications of understanding that are quite clear in this movie. The issues presented in Chasing Amy are directly related to the discussions of "Politics of Sexuality" as well as everyday life in our culture. Other cultures view sex as a raw pleasure activity while our society has elevated it to the expression of a person's identity and moral code. Chasing Amy contributes to this view of society as the whole movie centers around sexual beings and the influence of sex on their lives. Chasing Amy is an account of people's fears about sex and relationships as well as the inhibitions and insecurities that are attached to them. .
             Chasing Amy is the third installment in writer/director Kevin Smith's New Jersey trilogy, which began with the Sundance and Cannes Film Festival award winning comedy "Clerks" and with the teen comedy "Mallrats". Produced independently by Smith and producer Scott Mosier's View Askew Productions for $250,000, Chasing Amy marks a departure for the writer/director. While rich with Smith's patented humorous and provocative dialogue, Chasing Amy is his first dramatic effort. Which I believe he pulled off incredibly. Chasing Amy is rated R, for its strong language and strong sexual content. Kevin Smith has written/directed 6 movies to date, Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and the new one Jersey Girl. Scott Mosier has produced all of Smith's films, and many members of the cast have played in 3 or more of these films, Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, Joey Lauren Adams, and Matt Damon are just a few. Chasing Amy was released in US April 4, 1997; the total US gross was $12,006,514, compared to the 250,000 production. It was extremely popular among most races, gender, and social status, because it deals with real issues that sometime bother everyone subconsciously.

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