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The Archetype of a Rebel

            The rebel stands his ground despite the criticism of others around him. He is self assured and confident in his beliefs, and with or without the support of others; the rebel stands his ground. While some may view the word rebel as having a negative connotation, one must remember there are many variations of the rebel archetype that can be categorized into "sub-archetypes." Upon further examination, these "sub-archetypes" can produce two characters, with opposite schools of thought, who both represent the rebel archetype. Using an example from American History, both Al Capone and Benjamin Franklin would be classified under the rebel archetype. No one would debate the fact that these figures were polar opposites in terms of morality and their acts of rebellion; however, both were rebels in their respective ways. .
             This archetype can be tricky to pinpoint and we must be careful to not let our own experiences and pre-conceived notions of the word affect our classification of a rebel. In order to identify an individual under this archetype we must look for patterns of behavior that are prevalent throughout childhood and adulthood. We must find someone who can confidently motivate others to think outside the box and confront societal negativity. More so, we must find someone who is an agent of justice, without a personal agenda or desire to have power over others. After interviewing Tony Sarch, these patterns and character traits are seen repeatedly. He is not a rebel who is drawn to the "dark side" and lacks any evidence of a moral compass; but one who is courageous, and possesses great determination and personal integrity. At his core, Tony has a burning desire to change the world through justice, and is not afraid to take risks and speak out in order to create that change. .
             The story of our rebel begins with his birth in Chicago, a city with a reputation for bringing forth many figures that have affected history through various acts of rebellion.

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