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Art Review - The Two Fridas

            An artwork that is well presented captures the impression of scenes before the viewers. Artists achieve their objective by making things beautiful out of the ordinary. Thus, this signifies the relationship between the artists and their environment. Specifically, this paper explores an artist who uses her skills in art to convey different messages to viewers which could enable them to conclude that art is ever the same despite the fact that the world keeps on changing with time. Frida Khola is one of the first female artists whose life experiences and challenges motivate her to venture into artwork. The artist uses oil paints in her own portraits to convey information. Frida has become very popular because her work is a good representation of true facts. Unlike other artists, Frida lays her foundation of art from own life ordeals. The suffering she succumbs to as she grows up contributes to her joining of art industry. She is inspired by the heritage of mixed blood. The composition of her family entailing both Indian and Spanish culture exposes her to a lot of pain. Frida attracts the attention of her audience by using traumatizing events that she went through. She illustrates how she had to cope up with parents of different cultural background in order to survive. Thus, her artwork is so profound and can be said to have contributed to the achievement in development of European art history.
             Frida's artwork is basically developed and based on dualism. In this work, the artist vividly describes the pain inflicted in her as a result of two different cultures. Consequently, the viewers are able to understand the artwork and the message being conveyed by the artist. Her mother carries out an abortion and this influences Frida's future life. The relationship between Frida and her mother becomes cold and she feels rejected. However, on the other hand, her father offers some kind of love. As a result, she hates her mother and despises her religious faith.

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