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Methods of Medical Imaging

            In the medical imaging field there are many methods of research to learn more about diseases and ailments. Techniques such as: X-rays, CT scans, DSR, DSA, PET, Ultrasound, MRI, and MRS scans. These medical imaging techniques are used to look at organ function, blood flow, bones, tumors, the bran and many other parts of the human body. .
             One of the most common medical imaging techniques is X-Rays. X-rays use radiation to project black and white images of the human body. Different tissues take different amounts of radiation, therefore, bones look white, fat/tissues look grey, and air absorbs no radiation so therefore it shows up as black. The uses of X-rays include: checking for broken bones, scoping out the lungs for pneumonia, mammograms to locate breast cancer, and metastases. Perks of X-rays include: quickness, non-invasive, painless, and can help diagnose broken bones, cancer, and infections. Disadvantages include: Increased risk of future cancers from exposure to radiation. .
             CT scans are used to X-ray over multiple cross-sectional layers from within the body. This includes bone, organs, tissues, and tumors. CT scans studies all parts of the body such as; belly, chest, pelvis or even an arm or leg. This also includes other organs like the liver, intestines, pancreas, bladder, lung, adrenal glands, and heart. It is also safe to view bones, the spinal cord, and blood vessels. CT scans are often quick, painless, can show more detailed view than X-rays, can check if past disease has recurred, and can exclude potentially more serious problems. There are disadvantages though which are; smaller increased risk of future cancers, high radiation than X-rays, injects a tracer which can cause kidney problems or allergic reactions in some people, and the use of anesthesia may be required. .
             DSR imaging is a high resolution and 3D X-ray machine, It displays organs in 3D moving pictures. Used to study/investigate cardiovascular structures and functions.

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