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Breast Cancer

             She is your mother, your sister, your aunt. She is your cousin, your best friend. She is the special someone in your life. She is the face of breast cancer. Today studies show that one in every nine women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States alone as noted on the Breastcancersite.com. This research paper will provide you with more in depth knowledge and understanding of this disease. We will define cancer of the breast and the various types as well as who is susceptible. We will discuss self-detection methods and available treatments. .
             Cancer is the rapid growth of abnormal cells onto the body tissue in a specific region of the victim. The rapid growth of these abnormal cells eventually form a tumor on the body tissue. There are two types of tumors. The tumor that forms may be benign. This meaning non-cancerous or malignant which is cancerous. Benign tumors are usually treated by surgical removal of the infected tissue. These tumors are less likely to be life threatening. Malignant tumors can be better understood as live tumors. This tumor can spread invading other surrounding body tissue and parts to eventually consuming the whole body if left undetected and untreated. When these developments occur in the breast tissue of our body it is known as breast cancer. Breast cancer usually develops within the lymph nodes of the breast. The breast structure is as described in the book, " Straight Talk About Breast Cancer, Diagnoses to recovery", "The breast is made up of fatty tissue which contains blood vessels, lymph vessels, and fifteen to twenty rounded divisions called lobes. The lobes in turn are formed of dozens of smaller lobules, which end in tiny bulbs." The each part of the breast provides a specific function. The lobular system produces milk in response to the hormonal changes due to childbirth. The produced milk flows from the lobes and bulbs through narrow tubes called ducts.

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