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Overview of the Revolutionary War

            The revolutionary war fought between 1776 – 1785 was a major impact in American history. The revolutionary was had many influential characters who shaped the revolution in various ways. The men known as the founding fathers played a major part during that war period. George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson were all crucial characters during the war. They each played different roles during the revolution, their attitude towards the new federal government was very diverse, and they each accomplished various things during their service in the office.
             George Washington, being our first founding father, played a strong part throughout all of the revolutionary war. Washington was an American commander who helped fight in various wars bringing victory to the U.S. He fought many battles such as the battle of Saratoga, the turning point of the Revolutionary war. "As a military strategist, salesman, and inspirational leader, Washington had influenced every phase of the revolutionary war" (Tindall and Shi 208). John Adams also played a major role during the revolution. Adams was a member of the conventional congress and helped write the declaration of independence. He also was a mediator and helped bring peace with the British through the peace treaty of England. Thomas Jefferson with help from others managed to write the declaration of independence denunciating American independence. He eventually helped guide America through the troubles of the revolutionary war. All three men were able to play very strong roles in the beginning of the revolutionary war. .
             Washington, Adams, and Jefferson all had very distinct ways of viewing the federal government at the time. Washington was able to view some of the flaws the continental congress and the articles of confederation contained. He believed that in order for the nation to continue to function properly a stronger central government needed to be established.

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