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Looking for the Passion

            Before we start to talk about my "passion" in lifeI would like to take a little time to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Kevin Ngo and I'm a middle age family man. I have two children and they are adorable. I love them a lot and wanted the best for their future. I came from a very hot, enticing, and vibrant country called "Vietnam." I sometime reminiscence about it; just all I can think of is the humid, sizzling, and blistering sunny days. The only fun time was the monsoon season; it rains all day and night. While in bed at night, the sound of the dripping rain on the roof top can be enchanting like rhythms of a solo instrument. It been a decade already, I can't recall any of these senses, but only in memories. Luckily for me, I married to a Vietnamese girl and she very passionate about her country. She always enchants me with her fluent in Vietnamese cooking. The foods make me feel related to the culture in a good way, which seems fading my sight. .
             Looking for my passion was a very difficult journey, but to another it might be a very simple path. I participated in many occupations and learned many abilities. I started out at a very young age, mostly in my teen years. I was sixteen and didn't know much about education because my English was too inadequate for me to continue my academic study. Mother would always remind me about father's childhood. She said, "Father came from a very unstable family and his father was mentally ill, not be able to work and support his family." Father would start out in his juvenile ages, working to earn knowledge and tuition to help his mother in supporting his sibling. This really influences me to make my decision. Sometime, I would sit and contemplate how to be independent and support myself in the future; if my parents would not able to. I told myself by seeing cars in the street and wonder if I can make a living repairing them? I started out by talking to my peer and asking for advice on how to obtain a job in this field.

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