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Propaganda and Communication in WWII

            Technology has always been a vital role in developing the means of communication, prominently within military affairs. During the Second World War, it was of great importance that communication mediums advance in order to assist the military services. Electronic innovations proceeded during this war, as radio and wireless messages became a crucial factor [Jur94]. Communication medium developments were of great importance for the military during wartimes experiences, assisting in numerous aspects. Wartime propaganda techniques were highly effective, they were applied within social media outlets such as posters, advertising, leaflets, radio, movies, magazines, books and newspapers in order to spread support for the military as a whole [Dav14]. Through the practice of instructional media, the federal government established the Division of Visual Aids for War Training in 1941 introducing audio and visual aids in training the military [Rob01]. The importance of these specific electronic advancements was prominent in the armies as useful power tools to help mobilize the American nation and increase support for the war [Rob01]. .
             Propaganda was an efficient weapon implemented in America's involvement during the Second World War from 1941 to 1945 to produce and increase support around the war. Initially the American government was hesitant to use propaganda as a profitable tool but due to media pressures who needed the upper hand in the direction of the nation, the government was pressured into taking an active role (creating Rosie). The government claimed their role as providing beneficial information but their actions clearly proved propaganda techniques in consuming the thoughts and finances of the citizens (creating Rosie). Media sources combined with the government's Office of War Information to integrate positive war messages in different outlets such as advertisements, books, magazines, radio and films (Ryan 2015).

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