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Stalin - Generalissmo

            Through fear of the gulags many supported Stalin's campaign .
             The nave and the sophisticated supported Stalin.
             "Stalinism is one of many forms of inhumanity-.
             Stalin's supporters often were eliminated .
             Stalin got rid of all his opposition.
             Hitler was planning to leave Poland, but knew if he did that France and England would begin war.
             Germany and the Soviet Union, to much surprise, signed an anti-aggression agreement.
             Secret protocols to the pact which allowed them to gain much land lost at the end of WWI.
             All opposition to Stalin's foreign policy was eliminated .
             Stalin believed that WWII would be a repeat of WWI - long and drawn out.
             He thought France would be strong enough to withstand long periods of war (Misjudgement).
             Stalin believed that Russia would remain partly neutral throughout the duration of the war.
             22nd June 1941, Germany attacked Russia. There was no warning, no declaration of war - much devastation was caused because of the surprise attack.
             Stalin didn't believe that the Germans would violate the agreement, he was shocked and upset.
             Germans advanced rapidly approaching from 3 different fronts.
             Right of Kiev saw the death of over 3 million Russian Red army soldiers.
             People within Russia began to panic; weren't ready.
             Stalin's own son was taken capture by Germany. He died because Stalin was not willing to compromise.
             Bombs were put on the areas of Society which contained all of the countries supplies.
             Hitler knew were to hurt Russia the most.
             Russian people began to starve again, about 6000 people; disease began to spread. Lasted 900 days.
             Secret police continued to fire on the people. Stalin continued to kill his own people.
             Moscow, October 1941, Germans began to reach the outskirts of the city.
             Stalin continued to evoke traditional Russian patriotism.
             Stalin was going to abandon Russia but decided against it. Russians saw this as great support.
             Stalin wanted peace with Hitler, and offered him back to the Ukraine if he ceased the attacks.

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