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Narrative About My Roommate

            His name is Justin and he's my roommate. We've known each other since our freshman year of high school. We played on the same football team and also ran track together. You can almost say he's my brother from another mother so you can imagine how much I know about him. Little do I know, you don't really know someone until you live with them which I realized our first semester in college together as roommates. We always start our day with a normal routine. I wake up first, get freshened up then I'd have to wake him up. I never really payed attention to the things he did or either I just payed no mind to it because he did these things everyday. Not until I had to write this essay is where I really started to study Justin. This was the most weirdest interesting thing on earth. The kid isn't normal. .
             It was a Thursday night around seven or eight PM. We had night practice for football with all of the receivers. After practice we'd come back to the room and I'd shower. Which I did that night. This is where I realized how in love Justin was with his girlfriend. As soon as we got back to our room Justin called his girlfriend to tell her where he was and what he was doing. I just thought they didn't trust each other but I was wrong. It was a daily thing. After my shower I'd come back to the room and do some homework whiles Justin and his girlfriend is still on the phone. I start to observe him as he talked on the phone. He then reaches for his laptop and goes on Netflix. He starts to look around with a puzzled face. He grabs about three pens then starts to take them apart. Why I asked, he replied " because I'm bored mind your business". He then starts to put the pens back together and if he was making a sword. I then looked as his computer and realized that his had already made about four of them. This was something kids did in elementary school and Justin is 19 years old. .
             The next day which was Friday of course he wakes me up before my 12 o'clock class talking to his girlfriend on the phone.

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