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Personal Narrative - My Big Brother

            I have grown up with the constant knowledge that my big brother would always be there for me no matter the circumstances; little did I know that our communication abilities would get slimmer and slimmer as the years passed. As we got older, we started making friends and participating in activities which began to separate us from each other. In middle school, we went through the phase that all preteens go through when they believe for a while that they hate their siblings. However, this phase only lasted for a little over a year because we began to realize that your best friends are the ones who have lived right across the hall your entire life. We realized that we needed each other more than we ever knew, and this is why it was so hard for me when he moved away to college. .
             I'm only one year younger than Austin, so I had been anticipating the day he would walk across that stage in his cap and gown coming for a long while now. I was so proud to hear his name over the speakers and cheer for him like a good baby sister would, but I was also very conscious of the fact that in only a few short months he would be moving almost 2 hours away from me. 2 hours may not seem like much, I know, but, to me, that would be a sudden jump of only being a few seconds away from me to many, many, many seconds away. I thought about this all summer, and I tried to make the days count, but he ended up getting his first job which turned out to be very demanding and with a job of my own to balance, it became very clear that our schedules would rarely ever line up for us to spend a little bonding time together before he left. For these reasons, that made this the hardest summer I have ever been through in my entire life. .
             August 12th, move out day, came a lot quicker than I expected and that morning as I helped load his Mustang up with his belongings, I couldn't help but to shed a few tears. I kept telling myself that I was being a bit overdramatic and that he wasn't dying so there was not much of a reason to be so upset.

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