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Sir Henry Clinton and the American Revolution

            The expression, "Head of the Armed Forces," otherwise known as "Commander in Chief" is a prestigious title that few can claim. Sir Henry Clinton is one, who is a part of history due to his great significance in the American Revolution. Clinton is widely blamed as one of the main reasons for England's failure. Lacking the ability to work with others became a major issue for the English forces. Clinton's reign as Commander in Chief ended horrifically and helped shape America into what it is today. There are great attributes to Clinton as well; he managed to rise through the ranks of the military with 30 years of service. That perseverance and persistence is something we all could admire in a person. The family has a well-known lineage that has served the crown for centuries. Clinton rarely agreed with others, and always created turmoil within the military, which is why his legacy is known as losing the war. .
             Henry Clinton, born April 16th 1730 according to William Wilcox and according to John Fredriksen, Newfoundland, Canada is his birthplace. Growing up, it seemed as if Clinton were destined to serve in the armed forces. His father is Admiral George Clinton of the Royal Navy and his mother, Anne Carle who stood as the daughter of a general. Clinton moved around a lot during his childhood due to his father's duties in the Navy. Admiral George Clinton had strong ties with the Duke of Newcastle and won the governor position for the Province of New York in 1741. (Willcox, p.7) The Admiral took Clinton with him to New York at 12 years old. Clinton's first experience in the military came along when his father secured a captain's commission for him. Fortress Louisbourg became the first place of duty for Clinton in 1946, where garrison duty befitted him. At the age of 19, Clinton went home to Britain to pursue his military career. A captain's commission obtained at the Coldstream Guards became his next venture.

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