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American Revolution

            The British attempts after the Seven Years" War strengthen political power over their American empire, which led the colonials towards independence. This resulted in France from North America in 1763. Many Americans disenchanted by Parliament's strive to raise colonial revenues, and then their only real alternative was independences. Confusion and distrust fell on both sides gave confidences to the American Revolution, it also brought conflicts with the colonial war of liberation, and made a civil war among loyal and rebel Americans.
             The decision for independence came when the Second Continental Congress.
             convened at Philadelphia in 1775, had hopes of a settlement with Britain. Radicals, favored independence hoped that time would create consensus. Congress confirm the development of the Continental Army, this "Olive Branch Petition" stated loyalty to George III. In response to the petition was harsh which helped opened the way for Congress's to adopt the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson sketched the draft on July 4, 1776. In the beginning of the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson brought out the general justification of the revolution. For example he wrote the "self-evident truths" of human equality and "inalienable rights." Also written that every human have the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Then next in the document that Jefferson writes that they have disowned England from any authority in the colonies, which blamed George III for a "long train of abuses and usurpation." The rebel leaders still saw that the minority of colonials remained true to the king and the Parliament. Faithfulness to Britain was specifically strong, where quarrel over grievances or land raged before 1776. Loyalists feared that if they separate from Britain would plunge America in to anarchy or civil war.
             General William Howe led the British troops to prepare the war in America.

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