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Unwed mothers and dead beat dads

            Unwed Teenage Mothers and Dead-Beat Dads.
             In today's society there are far too many teenage pregnancies. Most of the.
             teenage girls who are pregnant are fourteen or older and unwed. Some of the unwed .
             teen girls have thoughts of being married, but the sperm donors or dead-beat dads of.
             their children have no plans to marry, provide the necessary emotional or financial,.
             support, or respect to the mothers of their children. We as a society have to find a way to.
             put a stop to all the dead-beat dads who are living the good life while their children are.
             For some teenage girls having a child may result in lower expectations for getting.
             good grades, the likelihood of not finishing school, and going off to college, because they.
             have to care for a child without support from the father. Some teen mothers are forced to.
             have to move out of their home where they have had somewhat of a childhood, because.
             their parent or parents have no sympathy for their situation. The teen mothers have to.
             learn to grow up really fast. Most teen mothers are forced to turn to welfare and child.
             support as a means for survival and financial support. Most of the teens have to turn to.
             the welfare and child support, because either they are too young to work, or old enough.
             to work, but don't because they find it much easier to get by with on welfare. Most.
             find that with the lack of an education the jobs don't pay them enough money to live on,.
             so they become dependant on the welfare system.
             The term dead-beat dad is a term that is used to describe a dad who abandons his.
             financial responsibilities to his child or children. There are also emotional dead-beat dads.
             who provide financial support, but don't provide the necessary communication from their.
             hearts to their children. They leave don't provide the necessary love, care, and self-.
             esteem to their children's lives. Dead-beat dads often cause the mothers of their children .

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