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My Father the Southpaw

            In boxing, the term "southpaw" is used to describe the fighters who are left handed. These types of fighters are very few and far between, but when one comes around they say it is very hard to beat one because they can counter your every move. My father, Jerry Long, is a southpaw but has never stepped foot in a boxing ring. My father earned the title of southpaw through his battle with life, constantly getting hit time after time but continuing to stay in the match and delivering a few blows himself.
             Jerry Long is not a very extravagant man to most of the world. He is a husband, a father of two children, and a grandfather to one (soon to be two) grandchildren. He does not have the largest home or the most toys, but he has the heart of gold and the fight of a champion. As a child, my dad was behind me in everything I decided to do from playing football or basketball, skateboarding, racing go-karts/four-wheelers, you name it and I probably tried it at least once and he was right there with me. We would take weekend trips to places like Chattanooga Tennessee or Charlotte North Carolina just to go and have fun, we would go to different NASCAR races from Nashville and Bristol to Talladega and Indianapolis. We would go to so many big sporting events like Titians or Volunteer football, Predators hockey, and many more.
             One day coming home from a NASCAR race in Indianapolis, my dad told me of a fight he was going to be in and that he wasn't quite sure how it was going to go. That fight would be finding a new job after the one he had been at for the last 20 years had let him go due to budget cuts. Seeing my father cry as he told me that he probably wouldn't get to do things that he had always done for me was quite an awkward moment for a few reasons. I did quite understand why anyone would not want my Superman to run their business because he was the best, I couldn't understand the fact that the way of life I had known was about to come to a sudden stop, and I also couldn't understand why this was happening to my family and not someone else.

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