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The Inspiration of Role Models

            Has there been anyone that inspires you? Peoples lives can be heavily influenced by those they admire. A role model inspires people with their characteristics and influential powers to help them accomplish great things. Although many people may suggest that role models do not influence people, others believe that role models help inspire people. I believe that role models create a path for people to fight through with determination and hard work. A role model gives people courage, inspiration and confidence to aim for their goals. .
             People gain courage by looking up to their role models. Role models give people courage to do things freely without fear. For example, NBA player, Jason collisions publicly announced that he is gay. In doing so, he became the first gay NBA player. His actions placed him in the hearts of many people because he taught them to always express themselves freely. His actions made me more courageous, allowing me to challenge many different situations. I was always filled with fear of being rejected, so i discouraged myself from attempting to do anything I enjoyed doing. For example, I am extremely bad at soccer so I never played. During soccer games, I was always sitting alone in a corner admiring those who could play. However, upon witnessing the actions of Jason collins I learned to be more confident in myself. I began to ask to participate in clubs and teams without fear of being rejected. Through his actions, I have learned that in order to gain freedom, I must have the courage to attempt things. Role models brings people courage so they can express themselves bravely and reach for their goals with no fear. .
             A role model also gives people inspiration. Their inspiration ranges from inspiring people to keep fit to doing great things for the country. For example, a hero from peoples heart, Terry Fox attempted to run across Canada to fight and fundraise for cancer. Although his dream was not accomplished, he exchanged his life to help the millions who are affected by cancer.

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