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The Resource of Solar Energy

            The Solar Energy is radiant heat and light from the sun, harnessed using a range of ever-evolving, technologies such as solar heating and solar panels, it is an important source of energy it is Nature power from the sun, every power the sun falls on the planet it is used by the entire human population in one year, the power from the sun is limitless supply not like oil or gas, solar power is a reliable source and the prices never fluctuate. The Solar power is the most abundant resource we have if we could collect one one-hundredth above one percent of the suns energy reaching the earth it would be more energy than all humans use today, just outside Yuma Arizona is the sunniest place in the world, ninety percent of the year the skies are clear, and the southwest desert have enough suitable plan to supply eighty percent of the entire planets current use. .
              The sun has produced energy for billions of years and naturally energized all of the plants on planet these plants give energy to animals and the human body, this is done by a process called photosynthesis for decades now scientists have unlock the secrets and how the plant creates energy through photosynthesis and can't duplicate that process using modem technology and silicone, this process of creating electricity from the sun can power our homes and cities.
             How can we get power of the sun? there are two ways of capturing the power of the sun, First is photovoltaic devices more commonly known as solar cells, they change some light directly into electricity, these can be placed on rooftop and in calculators, another way to capture the suns energy is by capturing the heat, solar thermal electric power plants generate electricity by concentrating. The problem is that the power only exist as long as the sun is up, to helps solve this problem out the forms of solar technology have been explored, one way to conquer this problem is building new power plant to combine a multitude of renewable energy sources using solar power and wind power and bio gas to do this, others methods such as storing access power in batteries could also be a possible future for solar technology.

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