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Solar World Marketing Plan

             Solar World is a small start-up company dedicated to providing quality air conditioning systems powered by solar energy for cars. The founder of the company, who had lost their pet due to excessive heat by leaving the car in the sun for too long, inspired this idea. With solar technology rapidly improving and the solar prices have dropped considerably, we thought of making this idea into a reality for the public. .
             Market Analysis.
             The target market for this product is primarily people who drive daily in the heat. For this company to be successful, marketer must create an interest and a desire to consumers for the product. While the product provides much needed convenience to the consumers, the perception of the consumers thinking the initial cost will be high and the hassle of the installment procedure will be a big problem. Marketing for this product plays a huge role for the company's success because it is relevantly a new product to the consumers. Marketer has to understand the current consumer perceptions of the product and what must be overcome to improve those perceptions, what price will have the most appeal to the consumers, and where to place this key information in the form of advertising and promotion to target the right consumers.
             Product Analysis.
             Solar World will offer quality air conditioning systems powered by solar energy for cars. The difference between regular A/C and our product is that it will be running solely on solar energy, meaning you can leave it on in the sun while you are running errands, shopping, or even doing business. .
             Marketing Strategy.
             When promoting our product to the market target, we will focus on how beneficial and convenient it will be for the consumers. Also, we will emphasize on how affordable and cheap it really is compared to the costs they will be saving in the future. Since the product is relatively new, the promotion and advertising will be key in this situation.

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