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Are We Alone? A SETI/METI Message

            Located ten light-years away, this planet, classified as Tecarra, has liquid water on the surface as well as abundant plant life that thrives in diverse ecosystems. Contradictory to previous reports mentioning a lack of evidence for life on this planet, we have found an alien species living here that we must try and communicate with because our home planet is on the verge of being destroyed due to a large asteroid that is projected to collide with Earth. With the use of powerful and advanced telescopes, many of which were pioneered by the corporation known as Planetary Resources which utilizes miniature telescopes in order to find asteroids worth mining for precious metals and resources, researchers have detected significant evidence of the existence of animalistic creatures or live beings.1 These beings have been discovered within volcanos in a mountain range that covers a large portion of the planet which is four times as tall as the daunting Mauna Loa on Earth. .
             The alien we are attempting to reach is known as an extremophile, meaning it survives and is able to overcome extreme environments in order to live. This unfamiliar species lives deep inside the vents of the volcanos a finding a form of communication is crucial with these alien creatures because they might hold the key that is necessary for us to expand and migrate to a new planet. Although these new planets may seem uninhabitable due to their harsh conditions, there is a good chance that it is plausible for humans adapting order to live there. The aliens, as seen in photographs sent back to earth from the deep space telescopes, are blue-gray human-like organisms that are bipedal. The telescopes have also used thermodynamic detecting cameras which show that the volcanos are extremely hot, reaching as high as 2,120 degrees Fahrenheit.2 The most startling find is that the organisms we are attempting to contact have severely cold body temperatures which allow them to survive.

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