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Biography of Louis Riel

            "We must cherish our inheritance. We must preserve our nationality for the youth of our future. The story should be written down to pass on," stated Louis Riel. This quote was said by the heroic Metis leader. He was the leader of the provisional government and the man who wrote the List of Rights for the Metis, and he gave up his life to the Metis because he stood up for what he believed in. Louis Riel, at a young age, was sent to school to become a priest, but ended up going into law, and became a lawyer.┬áHe studied in Montreal, and worked in various parts of the East. He then returned to Saint-Boniface. At that time, thousands of Metis and Roman Catholics lived there, (The Great Names of the French Canadian Community). The Canadian government was very disrespectful to these people. The government wanted to take the Metis' land and let English settlers live there. They had no rights at the time. The Metis were getting mad at the government and wanted to stand up to them. Therefore, they set up a provisional government and made Louis Riel president. Once Riel was president, he didn't want the Metis to suffer anymore and made a List of Rights, (The Great Names of the French Canadian Community). This will now give the Metis rights and a sense of belief and security. This was the new beginning for the Metis. .
             After the List of Rights was finalized, a man by the name of Thomas Scott started many problems with the Metis. He was rude, racist and anti-Catholic. The Metis had enough with him and Riel sentenced Thomas Scott to death by firing squad. The non-French and the government were never to forgive Riel for killing Thomas Scott. Right after Scott's death, the Manitoba Act made Manitoba an official province in Canada. John A. MacDonald, the current prime minister of Canada, refused Riel's government. He did however, agreed to the linguistic, religious and territorial part of the Act. .
             After putting up with the stress of this ordeal, Riel finally broke down.

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