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Louis Riel - Distinguished Champion

            History was at its turning point and the beginning of Canada's identity were in the making in the late nineteenth century. Many influential characters arose during that period of time, achieving great success and valor. Louis Riel was one of them; he fought for equality and protected the Métis from being exterminated by the British. Born in St. Boniface at the Red River Settlement on October 22, 1844, Louis Riel anticipated that he one day would follow his father's path and become an extraordinary Métis leader just like him. Eventually, Riel was seen as a hero to the French-speaking Métis. In the west side of Canada, however, most people viewed him as a villain due to his execution in 1885. Nevertheless, Louis Riel was not truly a rebel; only a flawed man who made many faults in his life. Today many more people are seeing him as a dedicated person, and recognizing the numerous contributions that he made to building Canada up as a nation. He was unquestionably a Canadian hero, mainly due to approaching problems peacefully, his involvement with the Métis, and confederating Manitoba with Canada.
             The Red River Rebellion, which took place in 1869 to 1870 was the first major avoidance of violence between the Natives and the British Canadians. The provisional government established by Riel ultimately negotiated peacefully the terms under which the modern province of Manitoba joined into Canadian Confederation. Riel was a true advocate for the Métis way, and seeing a threat to their culture and land he decided to become a speaker and a leader for them. The provisional government urged to use peaceful measures since they knew they would be decimated if they caused uproar with the Canadian government. In December 1869, Louis Riel in effort to create equality for the Métis created and became leader of the provisional government. He knew that if the Métis ever wanted to join the confederacy and have the same rights as other colonies they would need a robust and stable government to deliver their wishes.

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