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louis riel

            "(The Great Possibility: Louis Riel and the Métis) And he did. This is what made Louis Riel become a hero of then and now. Louis Riel brought about an abundance of change from major accomplishments like the Manitoba Act of 1870 and the Northwest Rebellion to smaller accomplishments such as the completion of the railroad and the formation of the Northwest Mounted Police.
             In 1870, Louis Riel organized and accomplished the passing of the Manitoba Act to protect the rights, freedom, and religion of his Métis culture. At first Louis Riel had tried to proceed with his demands peacefully by using his education he received from his years in the monastery and in politics to use the logic of the government to manipulate them into processing the claims of the Métis to give them the right to the land that they had occupied for the last many years. When the government wouldn't listen to his peaceful implementations of Métis rights Louis Riel organized a rebellion that took over Fort Garry from the control of the Canadian government. His attempts at influencing the government peacefully turned sour after a group of English speaking Protestants assaulted the provisional government that Louis Riel had set up at Fort Garry. Louis Riel's followers captured Thomas Scott, one of the Protestants that had attacked the Riel government. Thomas Scott received a very lengthy trial after which he was sentenced to death and sent before a firing squad. By executing Thomas Scott, Louis Riel made an example of the English Protestants who were against the development of the Métis culture and showed the fact that he was not kidding around when he wanted to create the guarantee that the rights of the Métis would be maintained. After the execution of Thomas Scott it did not take long for John A. Macdonald to pass the Manitoba Act which created a new province for the Métis to live within and maintain their beliefs and customs without interference.

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