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Louis Riel

            Louis Riel, Canada's most famous rebel hero, was an intriguing person of vital importance in the Rebellions of the 1800's. Louis Riel was born October 22 1844 in present day Winnipeg and was hung as a traitor on November 16 1885. During those 41 years Riel would help found two Canadian provinces, find identities for the Métis people and shake the status quo of Canada. Louis Riel was branded a traitor to Canada, but he truly wasn't a traitor. He was a patriot who stood up for his people and what he believed in, for that he should not of been hung.
             After being away from Canada for 10 years he returned to Manitoba and arrived in St. Boniface on July 26, 1868. He was unemployed, but a very bright young man. He had no idea in the years to come, that he would soon be the future father to Manitoba. At the time of his return to the Red River Settlement, Canada included only the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and The Hudson Bay Company owned the rest of Canada. At the time of Riel's return, the Hudson Bay Company was being threatened by the United States. Many changes had occurr while Riel was out of Canada. In 1869, a unique opportunity presented itself, the Hudson's Bay Company agreed to sell this territory to Canada, and the Métis were not pleased that the future of their area was being decided without them. In the month of October William McDougall and 300 men, who had been appointed Lieutenant-Governor of Rupert's Land, set out for Red River to take possession of the Northwest Territory for Canada. When the Métis people found out about campaign, they organized a group to fight back, they sent McDougall a message telling him to back off because he wasn't getting into the country without permission. The Métis people enforced this by building brocade so McDougall couldn't get pass it on his way. By building this brocade Louis got called forth by the Council of Assiniboia .

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