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red river

             It was one canadas first uprises following Confederation. it Threated Manatobas entry into the dominion/.
             In 1869, An agreement was reached with the HBC for the transfer of rupert land, which included the redriver settlement to the dominion of canada.How ever the people of red river werent prepared for this change. Most disturbing to the inhabitants was hte amount of american and canadien setttlers moving into the area. which led to the concern that the rights of the red river comunity would not be preserved nor thier claims to the land honoured. the metis made up the largest population of red river. By october 1869 dissent was so great amoung the population of red river that a group of metis under the leadership of louis riel refused to allow canadien delegation to enter the territory.William McDougall had been sent by the canadien government to assume the Lieutenant Givernor following the formal tranfer of canadien control. From there the rebellion begun.On December 8, 1869, the metis formed a provisional govervnment and louis riel issued the Declaration of the people of ruperts land in the northwest.In march, 1870, he made a fatal error. In responce to ressitance against him, Riel put a prisoner Thomas scott to death for insuborination. The death of scott enraged english speaking candadiens who called for riels execution. the death of thomas scott was the turning point of rebellion. Om april 8 Fort Garry was returned to the control of hte hudons bay company untill a formal transfer to canadien authorities. In 1870 the provisional government accepted entry into confederation and the province of Manatoba was created.

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