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Red Cloud

            In 1822, Red Cloud was born in western Nebraska near the forks of the Platte River. Red Cloud grew up one of nine children with a respected warrior as a father. While progressing through adolescence Red Cloud participated in many of the tribal games and was considered to have been a fine horseman. His father raised him under the old Spartan regime and developed him into a great warrior and leader.
             One of his best attributes was his ability to tell stories in lively and convincing manners. Along with his ability to fight and his will to protect his people, Red Cloud's speaking ability is believed to be responsible for Red Cloud's progression from a child to a warrior and on to be one the greatest chiefs of the Oglala. .
             In 1841, Red Cloud killed Bull Bear (chief of the Oglalas). After such a great defeat he became the tribal leader and also was married in 1842 to Pretty Owl. Red Cloud aided in the attack upon Fort Phil Kearney where the Sioux killed nearly one hundred men in less than half an hour. Their was no punishment enforced by the government, but a treaty that was signed by Red Cloud designating the Black Hills and the Big Hole as Indian land. Not long after however was the battle of Little Big Horn. Because of Red Cloud's advancing age he did not fight in this battle but acted as a counselor and had a son fighting for him. Red Cloud was surrounded by Colonel Mckenzie in 1876 and forced his people to surrender.
             In 1909, the legacy of Red Cloud ended when he passed in his 90th year. Red Cloud was known not only for his prowess on the battlefield but he was also known as an exemplary individual. Red Cloud remained faithful to one wife all of his life and was a father to one son, Jack Red Cloud. Red Cloud died as a great warrior, leader, a great storyteller, and an outstanding family man. .

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