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The Development of Race

            Race has always been a delicate subject. It has been the bases for discrimination, hatred, inequality and conflict for hundreds of years. Some people believe that by talking about race, you are promoting racial thinking, but the reality is that racism exists and it will continue to exist. What we must do is reexamine our thoughts and understandings about race and encourage meaningful discussions for the reason that ignoring this issue will not make it disappear. .
             It is important to start from the beginning and point out that "race is a relatively new concept"[ CITATION Mor14 l 1033 ]. In ancient times, people did not categorize one another according to their physical characteristics. Instead they divided each other based on profession (such as kings, merchants and peasants) and religion. It was "nothing compared to the color prejudice of modern times"[ CITATION Mor14 l 1033 ] It is also necessary to explain cultural discrimination and nationalism and its tie to racial discrimination. The "English came to regard Irishmen as "savages" wild, untamable men" because they had deeply struggled to dominate Ireland. King Henry II discriminated against their culture; he believed the English culture was superior to that of the Irishmen, so the Irish had to accept the English rule. This is how cultural discrimination became the basis of later racial discrimination. .
             The Europeans led the exploration of the world before many other nations. Men who traveled to new lands wrote stories about the people they encountered there. The people they had encountered were physically and culturally different from what they were accustomed to. To the Europeans, "These foreign peoples embodied an innocent nobility which they deemed lacking within their over civilized culture"[ CITATION Sco99 l 1033 ] Many of the stories spoke of monsters and marvels, such as those written by Pliny the Elder.

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