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Film Study - Gattaca

            "Gattaca" is a science fiction film directed by Andrew Niccol and released in 1997. Many themes and subjects are d iscussed and explored including genetic engineering, social eugenics and the social status an individual receives based on genetic classification. Various film techniques such as setting, characterization, dialogue and symbolism are used to explore how the film convey the issues and social implications of scientific advancement.
             The film uses effective characterization and setting choices to show the discrimination against the genetic minority. Vincent Freeman is the product of natural reproduction and is genetically predicted to die at the age of 30 due to a heart problem. This information was all conceived only a few minutes after his birth. The imperfections in his genes undermines his ability to pursue his dream of becoming an astronomer, anyone who is labeled in-valid is denied entry into Gattaca. Scenes like the interview when Vincent is automatically allowed in Gattaca just after a fake urine test shows that society is divided and acceptance is a formality for someone who was a valid but virtually impossible for an in-valid. This stresses the idea that genetic engineering can create further divisions and discrimination within the society.
             The world of Gattaca is set in the near future and biotechnology has an immense social influence. The setting shows genetic modification as a common ethical approach to achieving perfect lives. Anton and his wife are able to choose the characteristics of their second son, they were able to modify the child's physical abilities, his appearance and even help extend his life by eliminating any inherent disorders. Anton is happy for some of it to be by chance but the doctor insisted that the child was simply the best of the parents. Both of these ideas are central to the setting of Gattaca, effectively highlighting the theme of genetic disorder and how the 'perfect' society perceives, classifies and dehumanizes the 'imperfect' minority.

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