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The Honorable Love of Othello and Desdemona

            A flower cannot blossom without sunshine and a man cannot live without love. This love must be between two liberated yet emotionally attached beings as shown in Shakespeare's Othello between Desdemona and her husband, Othello. Othello primarily expresses his honest love throughout the play during the most difficult times. Moreover, Desdemona is an independent character that loves Othello, but always has her own opinions as well. Furthermore, a piece of cloth that symbolizes their love is overpowered by their truthful feelings for each other. Consequently, in Shakespeare's Othello, Desdemona and Othello are independent characters that portray their eternal love throughout the play. .
             To begin, Othello's love is proven to be honest as it is expressed during the most challenging times. Primarily, Othello is aware that race is an obstacle, which Brabantio must overcome in order to support his daughter's relationship. Knowingly, he continues to express his love story while he might lose his military position and reputation if does so. He confidently states, "She lov'd me for the dangers I had pass'd, And I lov'd her that she did pity them. This only is the witchcraft I have us'd." (Shakespeare Act 1 Scene 3 Lines 166-168). This exemplifies that their relationship is based on true love and that they have a reason to love each other. Without Desdemona, Othello feels incomplete as he has no one to talk to about his daily adventures and Desdemona has no one as manly in her life. Adding on, jealousy is an emotion needed alongside love to make a relationship stronger. .
             Othello expresses a healthy amount of jealousy but Iago plays with his emotions, which then becomes a strong hatred towards Desdemona. Regardless, Othello proves he still loves her when he states, "I will deny thee nothing! Whereon I do beseech thee, grant me this, to leave me but a little to myself." (Shakespeare Act 3 Scene 3 Lines 75-76).

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