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Influences of the Persian Empire

            In 6th century BCE the Persian Empire was the main empire dominating most of the Mediterranean Sea. It ran from part of modern Afghanistan and Pakistan in to modern day Turkey and portions of Northern Greece. (Curtis, 16) The Persian Empire was a strict state with powerful kings ruling over the massive empire. The empire ruled over a vast ethnic group and proved to have success in diversity, especially with Jews, whose history have been well documented with the Persian Empire. (Curtis, 18) .
             The beginning of the Persian Empire is accredited to the wise guidance of a man known as Cyrus the Great. Cyrus was a bright and influential Persian king whose approach for expanding the Persian Empire was to conquer nearing lands with the goal of uniting them into one vast empire. With his dexterous guidance and a solid military, Cyrus succeeded in fashioning a massive empire that lasted for more than two hundred years. The strong roots and influences brought to the Persian Empire by Cyrus gave the emperors after him much power, like Darius I, who continued to enlarge the Empire. In the year 550 Cyrus the Great took power over the land of Media. (Abbott, 54) As he began to create a strong government he elected both Median and Persian nobles as civilian officials. After conquering Media's people states throughout Anatolia soon fell under his reign. He then even conquered lands in the area known as the Fertile Crescent. After this the Persian Empire was enormous. Cyrus implemented a rule of toleration toward all his conquered people; for instance, they were allowed to speak their own language, follow their own religions, and freedom of every race. (Abbott, 32) Cyrus is why the Persian Empire is the first place to have a Charter of Human Rights; engraved on a piece of clay, the charter offered the Empire's planned goals and laws. (Abbott, 35) Due to Cyrus's respect for his people it made them respect him and offered more peace.

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