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Finding My Best Academic Subject

            For as long as I can remember, I've always had an infatuation with numbers. I learned to count before I could read. I preferred "times tables" tests to spelling tests. I would go as far as to consider math my first language, instead of Spanish. There's something about the reliability of math that's always appealed to me. How every problem has its set of answers (basically speaking), and how, to an extent, math is more certain than life itself. Growing up, I was never certain of whether I was going home to a roof over my head or a meal on the table. I took to math in the hopes of finding some form of comfort and conviction(?). .
             It wasn't until I reached high school that I realized math wasn't necessarily my cup of tea. Sure, I've excelled in my math classes, usually being the first one to answer questions and receiving high marks on my exams, but my interest in math slipped when I realized that all I was doing was memorizing arbitrary rules. I was always told that I'd have to apply math in life despite my occupation and more often than not was shown multiple charts with hundreds of jobs that required some sort of math competency. Never did I find myself applying the quadratic equation, or finding some value to subject "x", so the application of math outside of high school was never really quite clear to me. High school taught me problem recognition and calculations, not math. Math is logic; being able to prove the quadratic equation and the relationship between the components that make it up as opposed to regurgitating it on a piece of paper. While I still excelled in the "math" that I needed to meet graduation requirements,I looked for other subject(s) that required logical and rational thinking on my part, which is what lead me to science. .
             When people say "science is everywhere" they literally mean science is everywhere. I was in awe with the numerous amount of applications that come with science.

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