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E-Commerce Security

             Electronic Commerce generally phrased as "e-commerce" or "eCommerce" and defined as buying and selling goods and services online. It is a simpler way of doing business over Internet and easier for customers to buy products and facilitate themselves. It is the efficient way of using Internet doing business. Internet is an effective and creative way for promoting your goods and services.
             According to Eamonn O'Raghallaigh; "E-commerce is defined as the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems. A wide variety of commerce is conducted via e-commerce, including electronic funds transfer, supply chain management." Internet is playing a major role in ecommerce as it allow business organization to sell their products and services online for example Dell let you choose your own specifications and deliver it to your home in no time. Amazon.com is another huge example of ecommerce, as Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.com said, "Amazon.com strives to be the e-commerce destination where consumers can find and discover anything they want to buy online." E-commerce is spreading fast due to low cost products and anyone can access easily. For example eBay, a virtual auction store, where everything is available in cheaper rates. E-commerce is playing a vital role but it has some privacy and security issues that have significant impression on our lives. Privacy is major concern here because customer's loyalty and trust is attached to it. .
             According to Eamonn O'Raghallaigh, "Privacy now forms an integral part of any e-commerce strategy and investment in privacy protection has been shown to increase consumers spend, trustworthiness and loyalty." Author emphasis on the privacy and security concerns as it is the basic aspect of ecommerce. Without this you cannot gain customer's trust and confidence. Author also emphasized that there are three main essential part of ecommerce that is privacy, integrity and authentication.

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