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             In this project I plan to inform the reader about the major problem with e-commerce, security. Of course this can be a vast topic but I plan to concentrate on the different measures of security that corporations must take in guarding themselves from the "worms" and also the complexity of the viruses" which try to penetrate them.
             In this memo I plan to address how much progress I have attained, the sources I am using in this project, and the remaining areas which I need to work on to complete this project. .
             Project Progress Attained:.
             As of now, I have accumulated all the data necessary on worms and I have applied this to my paper already. At this point I need to find research dealing more with the security corporations use to stop the penetration of these worms. .
             Sources Used for the Project:.
             As of this point I have accumulated information through the means of internet research and written resources in the library. I am going to use this information and compile an informative white paper. Below here I have listed the sources I have accumulated as of yet.
             From the article "Worms Wreak Havoc" located at http://ecommerce.internet.com/ written by the ECommerce Guide Staff, I have gained information about the W32.Welchia.Worm as well as last week's blaster virus. This is an interesting variety to the worms of the past because they have actually aimed the weaknesses of the Windows console. This article gives me an excellent aspect to my paper in that it gives me an example to a worm that has penetrated some of the strongest security measures taken. .
             I am also going to use "New Worm Headed Our Way?" in my paper. I have found this article from www.eweek.com. This article was written by Dennis Fisher. In this article he concentrates on the worms of the past and how they have failed and how corporations can stop the penetrations of these worms. He describes worms of the future and how they can affect businesses.

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