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Market Strategy

             has scheduled to announce its new and innovative tennis software/personal computer, which tracks the player's records from the cradle to the grave. It allows the player to transfer their records to various tennis organizations from junior to pro. The tennis software also allows fans, teams, and tournament sponsors to post and retrieve results and rankings of all players.
             The revenue stream for Oasis Computers will be generated from eCommerce, Team and Tournament development (trophy sales, clothing sales, web links and advertising), lessons, electronic membership management for country clubs (event registration, fees, and pro shop sales) and online sponsorships.
             Our initial target will be the 25 million U.S. players and fans associated with league/team organizations that will use the tennis software. The software provides a method to manage the league/team ranking and results that currently does not exist in tennis. League/team players constitute approximately 30% of the U.S. players/fans, these players tend to play more often and have children in the sport. We project that the cost of acquiring members will start at $2.50 and increase to $7.50 by the third year.
             Oasis Computers is also focused on our sponsorship with Prolink, which provides coverage for the 10 USTA Championships each year. Prolink has allowed Oasis to post banners at each tournament for no cost. Based on our experience and projections Oasis will acquire new leagues, teams, members and fans through these events at a relatively low cost.
             We hope to have members, leagues and teams in various countries, which specifically include Europe, China and Australia within the next five years. To achieve the goals mentioned above Oasis Computers intends to:.
             Market directly and continue to provide Team/Tournament services to tennis leagues, teams and country clubs.
             Provide a rebate incentive program to the leagues and teams that order their apparel and equipment at the I-Tennis pro shop.

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