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What Makes a Great Hero

            "A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself", said Joseph Campbell. I am pretty sure every one of us grew up wanting to be a hero or at least following the hero and his adventures with the help of comics, television shows, films etc. Every one of us had a favorite hero and some of us still have a favorite hero to this day. We were fascinated with their superpowers, captivated with their bravery and enthralled by their risk taking nature, but how do you define who a hero is?, and what roles or responsibilities define as being heroic? As kids, heroes were larger than life who had supernatural powers, and could save the earth from mighty villains and were least susceptible to any attacks on them, but as we grow up we realize that the understanding of term 'hero' is no longer the same as we had when we were kids. As grownups we have a different approach towards life, we are reaching new heights day by day, we are better than what we were once, but, let me ask you, what according to you is a hero now? It is quite an intriguing question isn't it?.
             We as grownups, know that the heroes shown in the movies and on the television do not exist in real life. Just in case they did, Physics and all the laws associated with science would not be real and would not hold importance because heroes defy all those laws. I don't say that heroes do not exist. I believe that there are heroes, we come across them in day to day life. More often than not, we fail to recognize them as they are not masked or wear capes as we were shown when young. As per me, Hero is a person who is ready to do what is right in spite of all the hardships, a person who is ready to sacrifice himself/herself for the benefit of others and a person who is selfless and does not expect anything in return. A hero is an ideal person. Fathers, mothers, cops, military personnel, firefighters etc.

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