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Season of Migration to the North

            One main theme inall the books that we have read so far is the .
             mixing of the Orient and the Occident. "Season of Migration to the North", .
             by Salih, also presents this aspect of the world yet also raises new .
             questions about this relationship. From the beginning of the book, the .
             narrator informs the reader that he is glad to be home and among the .
             poeple of his village after a seven year absence getting his doctorate in .
             English,."I returned with a great yearning for my people in that small .
             village at the bend of the nile." This is a contradicted with his .
             preocupation with Mustafa, the new "Stranger" living in his village. The .
             narrator, Effendi, ultimately is not the only person in the village to be .
             from or to have spent time in London or the north--which represents the .
             western ways. Referring to one question presented to us, We don't know .
             a lot or find out about hsi time in London and this is due to his .
             preoccupaton with Mustafa. This is evident in his thought as well as his .
             descriptions of Mustafa."I looked as his mouth and eyes, I was aware of .
             a strange combination of strength and weakness.(8)" It is as if the .
             narraotor already knows that mustafa has done some thing corrupt, or .
             suspects it since he knows him to be an outsider. He often comments on .
             how Mustafa is different, in his politeness and speech, as if he is .
             interogating his actions. .
             As the story progresses I felt that there was a big question of .
             morality happening and it concerns the relationship of the East and west. .
             With the narrators suspicions established it is only the matter of .
             figuring him out, where Effendi has to make the moral judgement on what .
             Mustafa has done. As Effendi begins to search through the past of Mustafa .
             he reads a passage from a notebook that was Mustafa's which says, "To .
             those who see with one eye, speak with one tongue and see things as either .
             black or white, either Eastern or Western(150-1)" This passage represents .

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