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How animals adapt in cold environments

            We sometimes ask the question, "How do animals survive in cold environments?" Adapting to cold environments is not easy for animals, but there are many methods that they use to survive. All these methods are different and unique in their own way. It is a task that is very interesting; they have to have the knowledge about the weather in order to know how to adapt to it.
             Some ways in which they use are migration, adaptation and hibernation. Just as humans have to adapt to cold environments, so do animals. We dress warm and protect our bodies by dressing in layers, as well as sheltering ourselves from the abrasive forces of cold weather. Animals must take a different approach than humans to survive the cold.
             One way that they can use is animal migration; they can relocate to an area with more heat along with more food. Many birds and fish migrate south for warmer temperature and warmer water (Johnson, G. Raven, p. 2002). Some bird's travel from the North Pole to Antarctica. The artic tern nests close by the North Pole in the summer and fly's south to the artic in the winter. Around the same time each year the bird leaves this area and goes to another area.
             Most birds such as geese migrate together in the form of a "V". This helps provide a form of protection due to the dangerous trips (Science Made Simple Inc. 1995). The largest animal that migrates would be a whale. Whales may be large mammals, but they must provide themselves with protection too. They are one of the few mammals that migrate.
             Most mammals do not migrate because of homeostasis. Homeostasis helps with the regulation of the body temperature (Klappenbach, L 2003). Along with animals and fish migrating, insects migrate as well. A specific insect known as the Monarch Butterfly migrates from Canada to Mexico (Science Made Simple Inc. 1995). By migrating animals and insects can survive the cold and harsh environments that they leave behind (Johnson, G.

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