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Critiquing Works of Art

            The first piece of art I critiqued was called Sarcophagus Relief Fragment. It was made during the second or third century A.D. The whole sculpture is one big neutral color, light brown. The lines in this piece are extremely detailed. The man on the left you can see every line in his arm, to his chest, to his beard and long hair. He is looking to the left so far that I cannot even see his face so that makes me wonder what exactly he is looking at. The man to his right is looking in the opposite direction and there is again extreme line detail in his shirt, his hair and we can see his face. The lines go down his jaw then back up his neck to his nose which sticks out very far. He also has long hair so it must be in the era they all had long hair. The person to his right looks like a woman but half of her face is covered by some sort of veil. She is not as detailed as the two men to her left. Her shirt or coat that she is wearing is very basic, just wavy. And her face is plain, her eyes have no detail and her veil covers her hair. This may be a sign of religion that she cannot show her body at all. .
             The final person to her right is not wearing a shirt at all. He is a man, you can only tell because he does not have any boobs. There is some line detail in his chest where you can see his pectoral muscles and his abdominal muscles. He has no face. Where his face would be looks like an unfinished rock. It is very deformed and does not look like anything. The shape I see in this piece of art is bodies. The only shapes are human bodies and their details such as chest, face, nose, eyes, jaws, hair etc. There is no color besides the neutral brown. The texture is rock or some sort of hard clay because this is a sculpture, a three dimensional piece of art. The value I see in this sculpture is because it is an actual three dimensional sculpture it casts shadows beside each body so even in a picture the viewer can easily tell it is a real three dimensional work of art.

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