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Comrehending Art

             I joined the VCU School of Arts and I"m glad that I have been given the chance to be learning about fine arts and acquiring skills I always wanted. The place is bustling with activity. The word "slowdown" does not apply over here. To some extent, though, it is not the way I had in my mind, a simple easy task. .
             I joined art school to satisfy my need to be a graphic designer. Graphic design always captured my imagination. If my eyes fall on billboard, magazine cover, or TV advertisement, I always wonder how is it done. I really admire the way it is made. It motivates me to learn the creative process of these wonderful advertisements and publication covers. Now, after a few weeks of school, I found myself asking am I really going to comprehend this type of art and actually be able to design a professional flyer or advertisement that people would see everywhere and think highly of. .
             I have a class called Craft of Writing, which is supposed to strengthen and prepare me for my academic and professional demands. The teacher handed me a variety of drawings and said, "These are the works of famous painters". He asked me to write about my impressions and try to analyze them. I looked at the drawings and thought I had seen one or two of them in the past, but never imagined that one day I would be asked to try analyze or even write my reactions. They were ridiculous that I thought he was trying to pull my legs. I mean, come on, colored squares! Anyone could do that. I can draw a bunch of squares in any geometrical form or color and say here I have a painting just like the painting by the famous painter Mondrian. .
             The same week in design fundamentals class we were studying the composition of geometrical and organic shapes and color values. I was assigned a project to create a collage, a means for beginners t learn the techniques of composition by putting together geometrical and organic shapes of deferent color in any imaginative way.

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