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Philosophy Final: Sexual Morality

            Back in the fifties and sixties, sex was a subject of taboo nature, and usually was not discussed and was left in the bedroom. In the seventies sexual activities were brought to the news, thanks to the sexual revolution brought to us by hippie and counterculture. The creation of the first contraceptive pill in the 1960s to be sold in american markets, was thank to the sexual revolution. Thanks to the sexual revolution the topic of sex has finally come into discussion, opening the door to potentially having a society where sex is accepted, and where lack of communication and information on sex is no longer an issue. but even today there seems to be traces of attitudes towards sex passed on by the standards of the 1920's, bringing upon the discussion of sexual morality. Sexual morality can be produced by many factors such as religion, race, culture, and gender. Two writings, that will be focused on, to discuss sexual morality are The Vatican's "Declaration of Sexual Ethics" and Sara Ruddicks "Better Sex". The Vatican argues for a more conservative view on sexual morality, backed up by his natural law theorist argument. Ms. Ruddick is more liberal and takes a more utilitarian view to her argument.
             The Vatican begins their paper, by admitting the fact that humans are sexual beings, and that sex is a fundamental factor in a person's life. " In the present period, the corruption of morals has increased, and one of the most serious indication of this corruption is the unbridled exaltation of sex. Moreover through the means of social communication and through public entertainment this corruption has reached the point of invading the field of education and infecting the general mentality" (Vatican 343). The vatican elaborates that society has corrupted the minds of good people giving them the notion of open sexuality as a good thing. Through means of the media, communication, and entertainment.

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