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Heart Disease - Education, Treatment and Awareness

            Education of cardiovascular diseases among cardiac patient plays very vital role in adherence of diet, physical activity and medication. According to Ponikowski et al. (2014), there are 26 million people affected with heart diseases. Only in USA, in 2012, there were 5.1 million heart failure and this number is expected to rise to 8.5 million by 2030. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2014), about 50% of the cardiac patient die within 5 year of diagnosis. Cardiac disease costs approximately 32 billion dollars in USA alone. The number of heart failure will be skyrocketing over 20 to 30 years, which will eventually augment the economical burden of prevention and treatment on society at large. And this burden on the society can be lessened by educating the cardiac patient about the cardiovascular disease, thus resulting in decelerated premature death. Global heart failure awareness programs have great impact to improve outcome for the patients with heart failure and eventually save lives. Through proper awareness and education about the disease to the cardiac patients, strict regimen can be exercised , and thus the hospitalization can be reduced by 50% (Heydari, Ziaee & Gazrani, 2014).
             Heydari et al.(2014) indicated that patients' education has led to a change in nursing practices and adherence of treatment in the cardiac patients. The major challenge to impede the harmful effects of cardiovascular diseases in cardiac patients is lack of education about the 1) disease process, 2) proper diet 3) taking medication as prescribed, and 4) physical activities. Educating cardiac patients plays the key role to overcome the adverse outcome of the disease. The key element explicated in the article has added value to the nursing practices. Education along with providing treatment to cardiac patients increases the patients' adherence to therapeutic regimen, which improves the health of the patients, and encourages to demonstrate the major contribution of the best research evidence.

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