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Take This

             What do you think of Marijuana? Do you think that Marijuana should be legalized or remain illegal? If you answered "Remain illegal," ask yourself "Why?" Well, many things that are legal should be illegal, and many things that are illegal should be legal. We should really stop and think about certain things. For example, why should a man be able to vote and made to sacrifice his life at the age of 18. Yet, it is illegal for him to buy an alcoholic beverage until he is 21. So here we have a hero that has died for the United States, and the United States will not even give this man a beer! Are you still asking "Why?" Marijuana should be legalized, and in the following paragraphs, I will give various reasons for this argument. For starters, I must inform you that the effects of using marijuana are not like other drugs. Marijuana has proven to have benefits in the medical field and, furthermore, it has been proven that marijuana is not addictive. Yet, when it comes to marijuana, many people show such negative attitudes without reason. I will enlighten you on just three of the many reasons why marijuana should be legalized.
             First, the effects of marijuana are more subtle and less noticeable than the effects of many other drugs. A person under the influence may not be as easily recognized as such, compared to someone who is drunk on alcohol, tweaked on methamphetamine, or nodded on opiates (Falkowski 172). If it is decided that marijuana must be illegal due to certain risks, should alcohol and other drugs not follow suit also. Marijuana is not a harmful drug. You hear of many people overdosing from PCP and other drugs, but have you ever heard of anyone overdosing from marijuana? Have you heard of anyone dying from marijuana? There are millions of people that smoke it and I haven't heard of anyone dying from it. .
             Secondly, marijuana has many medical benefits that people choose to dismiss.

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