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Takers vs. Leavers

             The gods have played three dirty tricks on the Takers. The first was not putting the world at the center of the universe. The Takers really hated hearing this. The second was evolving man out of the slime like the rest of the life on Earth. The Takers hated hearing this even more. But, to these things they have learned to adjust. Even if man was not the center of the universe and came from the slime it was still his destiny to rule the universe. No adjustment will be possible for the third law. The law which is applicable to both mankind and the rest of life alike. The effects of the law are simple: Species that follow the law will live forever, environmental conditions permitting. This should be good news for man, for if he follows the law, he too will live forever. If he does not, he will assuredly become extinct. .
             The Leavers recognize that there is no one right way to live on Earth. They?re not settling with discontent and rebellion, no incessantly wrangling over what should be allowed and what forbidden'something to believing in that will make their lives worth living.?(p.148) Leavers live as they wish to live, and they let others love their lives as they see fit. This quote describes the way that the Leavers do not wish to live their lives, but also describes the way the Takers do live. This is simply because they are enacting a story that works well for people.?(p. 148) The Leavers are living this way because it works well for them. The Leavers appreciate diversity and tolerate other ways o f living. The Leavers value what works well for people like a loving mother would do that would work well for her child's best interest. .
             Takers think that the world is made for man and that man was made to rule it; Man today is full of flaws. The world was made for man to conquer and rule, and under human rule it is meant to become a paradise.?(p. 82) Man believes that the world was made for them, and that they were meant to rule it, and do what they please with it.

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