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Decriminalization of Sex Workers

            The policies I intend to enforce by legalizing prostitution as sex work apply only to the men and women who choose to trade money for sexual acts and performances without coercion. That being said, I do think that the current legislation does not protect the sex workers from their employers nor their clients. Currently, sex workers suffer in silence from attacks from their clients and employers because they cannot report these crimes to police in fear of being penalized for what their profession. Although only Rhode Island and Nevada have set precedent by legalizing prostitution, there have not been a through enough health regulation or screening has been put into place. Without regulation of the brothels and screening of the workers; the public and workers are at risk of violence and disease. It's easy enough to understand that when there is a penalty to clients actions whether violent or knowingly infecting a sex worker it is a deterrent. We act differently when there are consciousness for our actions. What I intend to put into place will improve the sex sex industry and give a voice to an unheard majority. .
             Sex work of all kinds have been taboo or thought to be immoral, yet only prostitution the one with the largest stigma. We cannot scrutinize what a woman or man chooses to do with their body. Some people already profit legally by exploiting their bodies, body builders, center fold The age old argument, senators, is that prostitution is a disempowering, dirty, profession that no one voluntarily enters. According to the U.S Governments Accountability Office there is no evidence to support that more people are coerced into sex work than those who choose to do it voluntarily. Human trafficking is it's own issue and it's involvement in sex work is deplorable. We should not be prosecuting those who work with trafficked persons but utilizing them to track down traffickers and rescue those forced.

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