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Biography of Georgia O'Keeffe

            ´╗┐Georgia O'Keeffe was one of the most important, innovative artists of her time; she was born in 1887 and grew in up Wisconsin receiving art lessons as a child at home. This could be what first inspired her to become an artist. During school, her teachers easily recognized her potential and encouraged her throughout her time at school. By the time she had graduated high school she knew she aspired to be an artist and began working towards her aspiration.
             O'Keeffe's work was of forms of nature that were painted/drawn in such a manner that it was hard to distinguish the subject of the art piece. She greatly enlarged her artwork that it was almost impossible to see what the piece is of. She once said "I decided that if I could paint that flower in a huge scale, you could not ignore its beauty." She wanted people that viewed her work to see her perception of the flower; she wanted people to see the same beauty within nature that she saw. O'Keeffe was most famous for her large paintings of flower forms; she portrayed them as though she was viewing the object through a magnifying glass. In some pieces of her work she emphasized the primary forms of nature such as the patterns in a flower petal, and in other pieces of her work she would remove whatever she considered was not essential so that she could focus solely on the shape and color of her chosen form of nature. This was the case in many of O'Keeffe's pieces such as 'Blue and Green Music' which she painted in 1921 and 'Abstraction Blue' which she painted in 1927. In both of these pieces O'Keeffe stripped away anything inessential within the chosen object (they both seem to be flowers) and has included vast colors that emphasize the beauty and shape of the flowers; especially in 'Blue and Green Music' she has used the colors to depict what looks like a close up of the inside of a flower, she has made the piece appear like ruffled petals.

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