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Georgia O"Keeffe

             Georgia O"Keeffe was born in the late 1800's in Wisconsin. At an early age she new she was going to be an artist. In an interview, I think she said at the age of twelve she knew that that was what she wanted to be. Even at this early age, she was very independent. .
             In the biography we saw in class Mrs. O"Keeffe seem to be a simple woman who loved to paint. Her paintings came form her heart. At one point in the interview, she said "I see shapes in my head and I want to paint them." She was fascinated with all kinds of shapes. She had a gift for what ever she painted. Her paintings of the city were uniquely different from all other artist. In fact all of her paintings had a distinction like no others. .
             Georgia O'Keeffe was born in a town called Sun Prairie. I am sure there many reasons why she liked the deserts of New Mexico, but one of the reasons may have been that it reminded her of home. In 1905, she attended the Art Institute of Chicago and about a year later, she went to study art in New York. Her work was well received, but she did not fine traditional art fulfilling. At one point, she gave up art. During the summer of 1915, O'Keeffe took classes at the Teachers College of Columbia University in South Carolina, and there she began to paint again. In South Carolina Arthur Dow, a specialist in Oriental Art helped Miss. O'Keeffe move away from the type of art she had found so unappealing. She said of him, "It was Arthur Dow who affected my start, who helped me to find something of my own." Soon after that Alfred Stieglitz, a photographer from New York saw some charcoal drawings of Miss. O"Keeffe's and convinced her to come back there and work on her art. A few years later she married Mr. Stieglitz and lived in New York for almost thirty years. .
             In 1929, O'Keeffe took a vacation to New Mexico. The trip would change her life forever. She fell in love with the open skies and sun-drenched landscape.

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